Starting a Photography Business

What can be better than earning your living from doing something that you love?

As a keen photographer there cannot be anything more satisfying, or rewarding, than starting a photography business.

But … 

You do need to be clear about exactly what type of photography business you want and how you intend operating.

What Are Your Goals?

For most people starting a business is motivated by:

  • A desire to earn more money
  • Job satisfaction
  • Flexible hours to suit a specific lifestyle
  • Independence
  • To serve, and be with, like minded people
  • A combination of the above

So What Sort of Photographic Business Will You Be Starting?

  • A brick and mortar shop offering everything photographic
  • Starting a photography business online – probably the easiest and cheapest to set up and run
  • A portrait specialist
  • A child photographer
  • A wedding photographer
  • A corporate photographer
  • Sports photography
  • Pet photographer
  • Selling photos online
  • Designing brochures, pamphlets etc.
  • Distribution of a particular brand or product
  • Teaching others the art of photography
  • A combination of some of the above.

The more defined your photography niche is the more likely you are to succeed – this applies to any business.

All of the above are valid business models but you must set yourself goals, with tangible steps that are achievable and can be monitored.

Your Business Plan/Strategy

Unless you want to be one of those business owners that are forever complaining that they  “haven’t taken a cent out of the business in two years” draw up a detailed business plan and stick to it.  Be prepared to make adjustments as you go along because there are always unforeseen circumstances – some are even pleasant.

Time and money spent in initial research and planning is time and money well spent!  No one plans to fail but don’t get so far ahead of yourself that you fail to plan.

Before you go signing leases, employing staff, drawing up contracts, printing brochures and business cards be clear about what your goals and limitations are.

Stay focused.

Starting a Business is Easy – Making A Success Takes a Bit More Effort

Opening a shop or setting up an online business is the easy part.  The hard part is getting customers through the door and having the product they are interested in buying.  If you have the product the people will come.

My favorite analogy to this theory is the guy who makes the best Ham sandwiches in the world but fails to understand why he cannot sell them, at any price, in Jerusalem.

You have to know your market.

Costs And Potential Profit

More often than not a proper and detailed business plan might not paint the picture you were hoping it would.

That’s okay.

Money spent on a detailed plan, which exposes potential flaws in your dream, is an investment limiting your loss to the cost of the plan.  That is better than pouring your heart, your time and even more money into a losing venture.

It does not mean the end of your dream.

With a detailed plan the weaknesses are exposed and you are able to adjust and change your strategy to fix the problems before they cost you a fortune and possibly cause you to give up on your dream.

Starting A Photography Business Online.

You may not realise it but you already have an office; and it isn’t costing you a cent.

If you are reading this on your computer and you already have a camera starting your own photography business can be just minutes away.

There are hundreds of ways you can start a photography business online without any additional costs.  You don’t even need a fancy camera.

But you will need to be a competent photographer.  If you aren’t already a good photographer you can easily learn how to become one very quickly.  This website is dedicated to helping you do just that and if you need help please visit the home page where we review “Digital Photography Success” – program designed to help the aspiring photographer.

The beauty of digital photography is you can take hundreds of photos without having to pay any costs for printing.  It doesn’t matter how many bad photos you take no one will even see them if you choose not to show them.

Until you become proficient and make a name for yourself you can sell your photos (and they really can be of anything) through large online photo directories.

Prices vary from site to site so shop around.

Build Your Reputation

As in anything if you are not known your services will not be in demand.

The Internet is a great place to get exposure through places like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and a number of others.  You can even start your own blog.

The great thing about getting known online is it is non-threatening so even if you are shy you can give it a go.  You will be surprised how quickly you will have a following

In your local area offer your services for free or at cost.  For example if you want to specialize in wedding photos do a few for free and watch how quickly your work gets known.  Weddings are expensive so you won’t be short of customers. Just make sure your photos are professional as this is a very special day for the couple.

Getting Help

Here is a great product for starting a photography business online.

For less than $50.00 you can be up and running in a few minutes from now.

Finally don’t let costs hold you back from your dream.  Try alternative ways of making money using photography and save while you gather information and experience – both are worth more than theory.



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