Digital Photography Success Review

Good Camera, Great Potential but …. Rather Bland Results?

Having a decent DSLR (digital single reflex camera) and not getting the quality picture you are striving for can be very frustrating.

Chances are you have been doing photography for a number of years but are struggling to master the art of digital photography.

Click on image to get an appreciation of the amazing depth and detail.
Click on image to get an appreciation of the amazing depth and detail.

If you are an enthusiastic photographer:

  • Wanting to master lighting and exposure to get the most out of your camera
  • Not necessarily intent on becoming a professional (but who knows what the future might bring?)
  • Wanting to take photos that you are proud of and happy to share with family and friends
  • Prepared to invest time and money for the right expertise and personal service.

And looking for Photography Classes Online run by a professional who is:

  • Skilled in the art of digital photography
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Respectful of you, your time, your finances and your situation
  • Able to communicate in plain English

There Are a Lot of Photography Classes Online.

The vast majority

  • Focus on those interested in a degree or diploma
  • Cost between $500.00 and $2,000.00
  • Require a long period to complete – some as long as 2 years.
  • Almost all mention the need to master photoshop – an additional investment in both time and money.

There are also a few free options; most of which seem to lack detail and personal support.

Amy Renfrey’s Digital Photography Success Offers Something Refreshingly Different.

Click Here To Visit Digital Photography Success

Why her course?

  • The first thing that really appeals is her skill level.  Her photos are really good.
  • She is approachable and contactable via personal e-mails, Skype and Facebook – wow that was something else.
  • She speaks plain English.
  • The price – you might expect to pay a lot more for this level of expertise.
  • The feedback from her student base is excellent.
  • Her approach is appealing – she obviously has a passion and is very sincere.
  • She personally answers all queries – it is not a “ticket system” answered by support.
  • She offers ongoing support and exceptionally good monthly videos.
  • She is not trying to sell anything extra, you get exactly what you expect to get. How refreshing?

Who Is Amy Renfrey?

Amy is an Australian lady who is passionate about photography.

She has always been interested in photography and in 2002 she wanted to learn more and to take her passion to the next level.

These days as a professional photographer she is in high demand and also teaches others how to take stunning photos.

But back in 2002 she was having problems finding answers to her questions – sound familiar?

Until one day she stumbled onto something that changed her life.

What was it she discovered that day?

Amy  discovered the secret of “light” or to be more precise how the camera interprets light – totally different to how the human eye interprets light.  In photography what you see is not always what you get, or even want, it seems.

Does “Digital Photography Success” Deliver?

I guess that is the bottom line - will this be the online photography course for you?

I have already mentioned  why I like Amy’s course – for me the proof of the pudding was the quality of her photos and the comments from her existing and past “students”.

If I could take the quality of photos these guys were taking after just a few days I would be be more than happy.

What I think makes Amy’s course stand out from any others is her openness and her obvious willingness to help others succeed as quickly as possible.  This was very evident in her video presentation on her official site.

And probably the best way to answer this question is to tell you what others have found – rather than have you try and rake my word for it.


Click on image to get an appreciation of the amazing depth and detail.

What Amy’s Student’s Have to Say

Here are just a few quotes from a couple of Amy’s existing and past students.

“It is amazing what a difference such minor changes can make, love the black and white tones.”

Tony W

“Having just discovered you I think your ideas are awesome. Like the idea of the video tutorials, would like to see one on fill in flash. Have always struggled to get it right. Keep up the good work.”


“Love your instructions and photos.”


I found exactly what Tony found. Some of the smallest tips Amy gives make a huge difference to the outcome of the photos.  Its amazing what these cameras can do if you just know how.

John and Adele both clearly love her methods and particularly her videos.

There are heaps more good comments from her students on her official website.

Her course offers two options:

Option #1

A Super Package which consists of:

  • “Digital Photography Success” an e-book that explains in simple English exactly how your camera works and how to use all the different functions and settings to take stunning photos.
  • “Advanced Digital Photography” a second e-book which goes into greater detail for even more advanced photograph with useful tips that the professionals use.

Plus the following e-book bonuses:

  • “Digital Photography Presentation”
  • “Digital Photography in Abstract”
  • “Five Most Popular Scenarios in DigitalPhotography”
  • “Exposure Charts”

All delivered straight to your desktop so you can get started straight away.

Option #2

A Blockbuster Package:

Includes everything you get in the Super Package plus:

  • The current months copy of Focus Magazine in digital format.
  • Monthly copies of Focus Magazine – each with a 45 minute video tutorial on popular photography topics, problems and solutions.
  • 8 Back issues of Focus Magazine – includes 5 hours of video tutorials.
  • “Digital Photography Techniques”
  • “Powerful Landscape Photography”

Again all of these are delivered straight to your desktop so you can start learning straight away in the comfort of your lounge.

The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time should you so wish.

Each option carries a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Click on image to get an appreciation of the amazing depth and detail.

What’s Not to Like?

  • Her pricing is a bit whacky! Both options cost $97.00 upfront.  I suggest you take the Blockbuster package to secure the extras and then decide if you want to continue monthly.
  • The opening page on her official website is a bit lengthy.  I was totally sold after listening to her friendly voice while watching the video. “Enough already – how do I get started?” 

And one last thing – this is very important!

Amy’s programme is targeted at the photography enthusiast who owns a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, not a point and shoot digital camera.

You do not need anything too fancy.  An entry level camera will be fine but obviously the more functions you have the more you will be able to do.

What is the Final Verdict?

After having seen for myself what results can be achieved in a very short time, and having done extensive research with other students of Amys I have  no hesitation in recommending  ”Digital Photography Success” as a program that will get you taking the stunning photos you are looking for ……… (despite the long winded page)

Click Here To Visit The Official Website.


All the photographs on this page were taken by Amy Renfrey and are used with her permission.

To see the full impact of each click on the image which will open on a new page.  I am sure you will agree they are stunning.

Thank you for reading, please browse some of our other helpful articles.



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