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I’ll try and keep this short as I tend to go on a bit when I am enthusiastic about something.

I am mad keen on my photography – about the same as my golf addiction but we won’t go there.Lawrence

This site is solely about digital photography and I have my reasons for that.  Many years ago I was a very keen photographer and had a really good set up as far as equipment goes and even my own dark room.

Then life got in the way – marriage, work, children and so on and I found that my photography pretty much took a back seat (I did not take as many photos of the kids as I would have liked and I truly regret that but will not make the same mistakes with the grandchildren!).  Following emigration from South Africa to New Zealand and starting over yet again I have finally emerged the other side to rediscover my photography.   But …

Things have changed with digital.  My initial experience with digital cameras was disappointing because the original so called “point and shoot” cameras didn’t shoot when I wanted them to.  When I pressed the shutter button to take the photo the built in computer kicked in and went into operation.  By the time the shutter actually opened the image I wanted was gone.  It was disappointing to find that technology had in fact gone backwards!

But like everything in life that was not the end of it and I guess you always have to take a step backwards to advance.

And so the new breed of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras were born and a whole new life opened up – especially for baby boomers like me.  Life begins again.

My latest baby, and my first venture into Digital SLR photography is the Nikon D5100.  A wonderful camera and a good entry level option.

Its exciting – there is a lot to relearn and even more to discover.  I hope you will join me on the journey whether your goals are to make money from your photography or just to record happy memories.  Its all fun.

Being my site I can almost do what I want – I just have to make sure I keep you happy.  If I fail please let me know.  If I succeed please let your friends know.

Happy snapping,



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  1. Tiffany Olson
    4 years ago

    Hi Lawrence, Congrats on picking up your dream again! That is great. Photograhy has always been one of those things that I’ve wanted to learn more about. I love taking and editing photos. But I think I lack in drive and confidence (as with many things in my life!). If I ever decide to pursue it, I will definitley be visiting your site. Best of luck to you, your site looks great. -Tiffany

    • Lawrence
      4 years ago

      Hi Tiffany thanks for your comments. I love photography. My favourites are candid street photography and photographing things that wouldn’t normally be considered worth the trouble. Best of luck with getting this world chemically free. we sure need it and the first thing is to start with ourselves.