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Which Online Photography Class Will Improve Your Photography?  

You have a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and thinking of taking some sort of online course.

Death-Valley-In-Nevada taken with a DSLR

  • Are you getting photos that are too dark, out of focus, too grainy or too bright?
  • Is it you, is it the camera or is everyone else using photoshop?
  • Are your results nowhere near as sharp as the pictures you have seen others take with DSLR cameras?
  • Maybe you are beginning to think this is something for the “too hard” basket.

These are all common problems with digital cameras users.

It’s not too difficult with the right guidance and a bit of practice.

Your Options For Photography Classes Online..

Young Woman learning from an online photography courseEssentially there are three ways to improve your digital photography skills by utilising what is available on the Internet:

  1. A “free” digital photography course online.
  2. A course run by an institution that offers a structured curriculum with a diploma on completion.
  3. A course from a professional photographer who understands your frustrations, how you feel and can show you the fastest way to succeed.

My recommendation?

The photographers online course. The chart below compares the main benefits of each and, unless you absolutely have to have some sort of recognised qualification, there is no down side to doing a photographer’s course. If you are happy to let your results do the talking this is the quickest and least costly way to learn.

A Comparison of Online Courses

 Free  Institution  Photographers
Certification? No Yes No
Learning Style Reading Assignments Watching and doing
Initial skill level Beginner Beginner/advanced Beginner/advanced
Material source Website Check Website Website, PDF, Videos
Your budget $ 0 Over $500 Less than $100
Time frame None At least 9 months Your pace
Start Immediately As per timetable Immediately
Will suit Zero budget Need Qualification All photographers
Guarantees None None Money Back
Any further costs? Probably More than likely No

Okay I’m convinced – take me to the photographer’s course you recommend.

More Information About These Online Photography Classes

Free Online Photography Classes

There is a lot of very useful information in the free course but chances are you may still come way feeling you haven’t quite found what you were looking for.

  • First off they are going to want your e-mail address and this is used to bombard you with mail over the coming months. Makes you wonder if things are really free.
  • There are lots of distractions in the form of pop up advertisements.

Formal Photography Courses With Certification

Essential if you are after a qualification needed to further a career or secure employment.

Professional Photographer’s Online Course

Aimed primarily at the avid photographer who simply wants to take good photos with a DSLR. Someone who wants to take the odd landscape, sunset, fireworks or just family photographs.

Dramatic Sunset At Lake taken with a DSLR cameraWell composed and correctly exposed photos make mastering your camera well worth the time and effort.

A good photograph captures the essence of what you are after and an instant recall of your emotions at the time.

Every picture tells a story – you can tell stories by improving your digital photography.

Looking at the comparison chart you may  feel a little uncomfortable with paying under $100.00 for a course.

How can such an inexpensive course be any good?

It sounds too cheap  …

Photographer’s courses are well priced because:

  • Once the initial work in compiling any PDF and videos is complete there are no further costs.
  • The quality of the product is determined by the refund rate; it doesn’t take long for the public to eliminate the bad ones.
  • Come with a money back guarantee.
  • They generally love helping people with the same passion.

A good course will start with the basics and work up to where you will be taking exceptional photos within a short space of time; in most cases within hours!

  • The photographer talks and walks you through his methods showing exactly what, how and why he does what he does to create the perfect picture.
  • Common mistakes and solutions are presented in an easy to understand and execute manner.
  • Follow along at your own pace – watch, copy, pause, rewind and revue whenever you want.

And all good online courses come with a money back guarantee – this is usually in the 30 – 90 day region so there is lots of time to make up your mind about course you select. If you don’t like it send it back – no questions asked.

Click Here To Visit the Official Website of the Online Photography Course I Recommend.

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